These Southern Symphonies Are Hosting Virtual Shows

listening to music on a computer

Going to the symphony is an experience unlike any other.  Music envelops you and creates a magical feeling that only a live performance can offer.   Now you can take part in the joy of a symphony from the comfort of your own home. These three southern symphonies are offering online performances for you to enjoy any time.  So curl up, get comfortable, and get ready to soak up the symphony inside your apartment in Fort Washington.

Alexandria Symphony

The Alexandria Symphony offers a collection of some of the best musicians in the area. They have a variety of types of performances and are dedicated to bringing the finest music possible to their patrons. The Alexandria Symphony offers other events to music lovers everywhere, including Brandenburg and Brews, and other similar events. They are proud to offer online performance so you can enjoy amazing music at any time.

National Symphony Orchestra

Orchestral fans and experts consider the National Symphony Orchestra to be as one of the greatest active symphonies in the world today.  Located in the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the National Symphony Orchestra has performed for people from around the globe.  Now it’s easier than ever to watch one of their performances and you don’t even have to leave your apartment.  The National Symphony Orchestra offers online performances so you need only have the time. They will be happy to bring the music. 

Maryland Symphony Orchestra

Created in 1982, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra has influenced music and musicians throughout the Metropolitan D.C. area and beyond.  They have put on performances in their music hall, historical battlefields, and in parks.  Their passion is music, and they devote their time to bringing great music to all of their fans. Now they have even brought their musical performances into your home with online performances for you to enjoy any time you want.

Listening to a great symphony brings music, emotion, and joy to our lives. Listen to, watch, and enjoy some tremendous performances from these symphonies while you enjoy delicious takeout.  For more information on your future home contact us today.

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