Learn about Local History at These Fort Washington Attractions

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River Pointe Apartments residents can experience a unique blend of the past and the present, as our beautiful, modern property is located a short drive from some of Fort Washington’s most popular historical sites. We are proud to offer apartments in Fort Washington, MD that connect residents with the area’s unique place in history. 

Fort Washington Park

Fort Washington Park, located five miles from River Pointe Apartments, is a national park that gives residents the opportunity to take in the history and natural beauty of the region.  The park showcases over 200 years of the city’s history, and visitors to Fort Washington Park can explore everything from its initial purpose as a means of protecting Washington DC during the War of 1812 to its role in World War II. In addition to the remains of the original Fort Washington, photos and other historical artifacts can be found throughout the park.

Fort Foote Park

Fort Foote Park is another nearby national park that showcases the Fort Washington area’s crucial role in protecting the nearby seaports during the Civil War. Visitors to Fort Foote Park can view authentic Civil War cannons and explore the scenic Potomac River.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History, one of the country’s largest historical museums, is located approximately ten miles from River Pointe Apartments. Visitors to the Smithsonian can explore exhibits that encompass every angle of the country’s intriguing history, and it is a top choice for learning about Fort Washington, the rest of Maryland, and the New England region’s place in American history. 

At River Pointe Apartments, we prioritize connecting our residents with nearby events and attractions that enhance the experience of living in the heart of Fort Washington. Make plans to visit one of these scenic historical sites today, then contact us to schedule a visit to our property or to learn more about nearby attractions.

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