Indian Restaurants Offering Takeout Near Our Fort Washington Apartments

Indian food

Indian cuisine is a flavorful blend of bold spices with distinct tastes and aromas. There are many elements in Indian and Pakistani dishes with a variety of naan bread, rice preparations, meat, and vegetable curries. You can entice your taste buds by offering Indian take out from these two local restaurants near your apartment in Fort Washington, MD. 

Diya Indian Cuisine 

Diya is a blend of Indian and Nepalese cuisine in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. They also carry a wide selection of exotic wines. From their menu, try the classic veg or shrimp biryani, butter chicken, and whole wheat rotis (Indian flatbread). Order the Nepalese chicken wings as a starter for your meal. Another tasty treat is an order of tandoori-baked, multi-layered lachha paratha with chicken saag. Chicken saag is a delicious spinach and chicken curry with a perfect blend of spices. End your meal with a cool and refreshing rice pudding cooked with almonds and pistachios (kheer). 

Sacrificial Lamb 

This restaurant specializes in Indian-Pakistani cuisine. The dishes from these neighboring countries are remarkably similar, but the differences in taste are very subtle and quite appreciable. Their menu features an impressive array of chicken, lamb, and seafood options. They have a variety of wraps, kabobs, and side dishes too.

Try the sacrificial lamb special biryani, which is a Pakistani creation. The special biryani features pieces of chicken and goat combined and marinated in spices, yogurt, and fresh herbs. This marinade is layered with partially boiled rice in a big pot and cooked for a long time on a slow flame. The flavors infuse to perfection, creating a mouth-watering delicacy. Order a side dish of raita (yogurt and cucumbers) with your biryani to cool things down. Rasmalai are paneer patties simmered in saffron-flavored milk and chilled before serving. They make the best choice for a light, refreshing dessert. 

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