Explore Hillwood Estate near Fort Washington, MD

A view of a large estate from the grassy meadow

Just minutes from our Fort Washington apartments, Hillwood Estate is home to the most extensive collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia. Explore the mansion’s museum and garden for an afternoon of entertainment.

Highlights include:

Mansion History 

Soon after Marjorie Merriweather Post bought the mansion in 1955, she decided her house would become a museum designed to educate and inspire the public. Her vision became a reality 22 years later. Today, the museum is where visitors explore one-of-a-kind exhibitions and 25 acres of picturesque gardens and natural woodlands. 


Russian Porcelain Room

In the late 1930s, Marjorie’s husband, Joseph Davies, served as the United States ambassador to the Soviet Union. That’s when Marjorie discovered Russian porcelain and glass. She embraced the beauty and craftsmanship and collected pieces with a storied history. One of the highlights includes a Soviet plate made for Elizabeth I in the late 1750s. It was part of the first service produced by the Imperial Porcelain Factory. 

English Bedroom 

The English bedroom recently reopened to the public after more than thirty years. It’s less formal than the mansion’s other rooms and features a massive Chippendale bed and nineteenth-century pictures of English ships embroidered with wool thread. 

French Drawing Room 

Fit for a queen, the French drawing room boasts painted paneling dating back to King Louis XVI (1774 to 1792). Visitors also see Sevres porcelain, glistening gold boxes, and pictures of Marjorie’s esteemed guests. 


The majestic gardens offer something beautiful in every season. They showcase an array of plants, shrubs, and trees. Throughout winter, visitors explore the grounds, as well as the greenhouses where tropical flowers are featured.

The Hillwood Estate is just one of the unique attractions near our apartments in Fort Washington, MD. If you’re looking for a place to call home, please contact us. We’d love for you to see firsthand everything we have to offer.

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